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  • Bitcoin Plunged

    Crypto "currencies" are all pyramids.

    They don't have a real purpose unless you're a bag of shit that does shitty things. They are exceptionally bad for the environment and energy use. And young and less experienced "investors" are hunting.

    f * * * everything. Find a new use for blockchain that actually solves the problem, rather than creating more. The technology has some potential, but its current use is a shitty show.

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    I've closed 2 Bitcoin, opening up the position in January 2018, and literally gained so much money, and I will not close my position until it is literally under 200 dollars to maximize my financial profits, as applies to this transaction.


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      This does not mean that we should rush to buy as many Bitcoins as possible ... I suppose it's only temporary. I remember a time when the price of btc was at its lowest in the last few years, but then it went up again. If you have a startup, you do not sell your cryptocurrency, I advise you to invest in the bitcoin ad network for publishers, this is my opinion.
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