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Your favorite English dub voice actors

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  • friilsa
    It is a great post. Actually, I have never tied dub voices to any people. These were always associated only with the characters on the screen. Now I will look at the whole thing from a different angle. It will be interesting to learn more about these people. By the way, where are you from? I am from Thanks for this info.
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  • PatJa_Anime
    Oh definetely Ray Chase. His voice is like butter to me. As well as Keith Silverstein, Matthew Mercer, and Bryce Papenbrook.

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  • Foday67
    Johnny Yong Bosch is currently my favorite he's done Ichigo from Bleach and Lelouch from Code Geass but he's done many other shows like being in Toradora and stuff

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  • Amber_xo133
    started a topic Your favorite English dub voice actors

    Your favorite English dub voice actors

    My favorite English dub voice actors in Anime
    Stephanie Sheh

    Emily Neves

    Greg Ayres

    Shelley Calene-Black

    Chris Patton

    Maggie Flecknoe

    Crispin Freeman

    Wendee Lee

    Sean Schemmel

    Cristina Vee

    Christina Marie Cabanos

    Leah Clark

    Kate Higgins

    David Matranga

    Carrie Savage

    Blake Shepard

    Alexis Tipton

    Vic Mignogna

    Are my fav dub voice actors