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    So I just really got into anime. I mean, I watched DBZ when I was a kid. And does Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh count? But I recently started watching Toonami and fell in love with anime. The thing is I have no clue what to watch if it isn't on Toonami. Can someone suggest something? I liked Black Clover, Sword Art Online, and Demon Hunter. Oh. And I watched .hack. I found that cause I played the games back in the day on PS2. I prefer dubbed. And not too goofy. I love a laugh, but I need good story. Thank you for reading this even if you don't leave a comment. 🐺

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    Hi If your looking for anime here is a few

    Seven deadly sins, the first two series has good animation epic fights pretty good storyline and amazing characters and most of the time is very lighthearted and funny .

    Hunter X Hunter, Its really good wholesome the story does get darker at the end part but its a fun adventure anime you can see the characters progress and change.

    Noragami, blends hilarious dialogue and characters with a cool story nice fights and cool character dynamics its really good.

    That time reincarnated as a slime, a fun world building story about an overpowered slime that builds a kingdom . Its funny Cool and really hype at times.

    Other Good Shows that are funny and good story. Konosuba,Hinamatsuri,Toilet-bound Hanako-kun,The Devil is a Part-Timer,Mob Psycho 100,Trinity seven,Akashic Records of Bastard Magic instructor,Demon Lord, Retry!,Toradora,Blood lad,


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      Hi i know you don't want too goofy but if you want cool fights and a fun story line you should honestly watch one piece. Its pretty big and its intimidating at first but I promise its a nice and chill anime to keep on in the background while your doing other stuff. I enjoy watching late at night and falling asleep too it. the story isn't too hard to follow either. its got some crappy parts but its still worth a watch. and yes, this anime is long, i started in the summer and im still not up to date. but give it a shot!


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        Agreed. The English dubbed version and English subbed versions are both great, but I prefer the dubbed better. The manga is pretty good, too. Oda is a legend/badass for making One Piece.

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      I'd suggest watching One Piece, Hunter X Hunter, Code Geass, FLCL, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Naruto.

      I'd also suggest watching My Hero Academia, One Punch Man, Afro Samurai, Yu Yu Hakusho, Death Note, and Bleach.

      Edit:One Piece is one of my favorite, if not, favorite anime/manga.
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