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    Hello great lovers of glorious ANIMES art!!!! I'm new here, I don't really understand how the dynamics of the forums work... But I come through this place to try to get my life back to normal For many years I've been trying to remember an anime that I came to see in my childhood, I unfortunately don't remember much of it (almost nothing), I'm afraid it was a freak out of my mind (but I have faith that it wasn't)!!! What I remember about him: It looked like there were two kids, one with gray or blond hair (I think it was a girl, but I'm not sure). I'm not sure, but there was something train related(????) maybe in the opening or closing. I remember there was something forest, or trees (for some reason in my mind some character would climb something high in the opening to see something...) I think one of the characters had a yellow eye or a similar color. I also think they had a certain affection for each other... I don't remember if there was any fight/battle context, but I think there was. Period I saw: The exact year I don't remember, but it was between 2000/2005. In my house I had an old PC (those white ones with tubes), and my father sometimes took it to a guy to put some games on it (all from the old arcade days), and when he took this guy, he put some extras, and this anime he put also once. That's how it happened... That time was the same time that the JETIX website and channel worked too... Well I hope an angel appears to try to help me find and come back with my smile again hahahaha If here is not the ideal place to bring this demand, help me find the appropriate place!