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  • Fav manga

    I don't personally have a favourite but I'd love to hear yours

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    I don't really read manga. Only manga I have read was "NORA"
    So I guess that?


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      Shuriken and Pleats is a short but sweet manga. :3


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        Does anyone know how to actually find and watch the anime for this site? I keep searching the anime I want to watch but it keeps bringing me to discussions and other people's post about the anime instead of the actuall thing. Person reading this, please don't just scroll past it like most of the comments you see, instead if your exspirenced with this website PLEASE help, you generosity will surely be repaid in anyway I can assist. That you for not only giving your time to help me but also acknowledging me.


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          Search option or selecting the list of anime under a certain letter hasn't been updated as far as I notice (I'm not capable of such, I just upload. admin would be able to do something about that).

          So I suggest opening the full list, hold control + F until you see the little box you can type to search the page and that's the easiest way to pull yourself down to where you need to click!


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            I dont know if you guys are still posting in here, but right now my favorite Manga is Made in Abyss.