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    Like normal there on top of thing's black clover episode 126 came out a day ago, and yet still no english dubbed for 125... way to stay on top of things........... This so far is proving to be the most half assed dubbed site ive seen.......... lets all give them a big clap for not even bothering to respond to the complaints given *claps*

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    And they ignored me and now have 127 out and still not 125 dubbed. Shows they dont even bother to read theses, or the tickets filed. If you ever do get off your ass and read this admin, go a head and deleted my account, having a account on here is useless 100% only fools put money on here just to remove ads when ublock works perfectly for that.

    Your virus infected ads, that you take zero responsibility for, and just say blame the ad compney. When the fact is your the one to blame for allowing unsafe ads on your site in the first place, all just so you can make some money off it, not caring one bit about your viewers just a long as the money keeps flowing in.

    You should make a mmo game you would fit right in with the rest of the money hungry fools who could careless if they lose over all profit just to make a quick buck right now. Shallow and short sighted, thats what only caring about money gets you. This complaint section and the report section for the shows are just that, for show nothing else.
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      Hi, I agree I don't understand why there are still no 125 doubbed.
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