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Why so many add now ?

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  • Why so many add now ?

    So before now there was not as many adds as there is now and I just wanted to ask.

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    Since the last post was closed i wanted to update Cloud still getting the porn pop up new tabs asking if im over 21 and saying sex only


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      Originally posted by Darkhawk View Post
      Since the last post was closed i wanted to update Cloud still getting the porn pop up new tabs asking if im over 21 and saying sex only
      Copy the exact URL of the popup if you can and I will have the ad network look into it and block it.


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        Cloud, I tried to copy the URL of the last porn related redirect that I got and it wouldn't let me. It kept making the URL disappear in the address bar so I took a screenshot to show you. I know it's not the same because you can't copy and paste the full URL but it was the only way. I edited the screenshot with black bars to cover over the inappropriate areas for the forum.

        I have noticed that the ads have gotten much better since the other thread was closed but the content that is shown with the redirects is still bad. I'm happy to help in any way so let me know if I can. I can show you what appears in my history from the redirects or screen record a video to show exactly what's going on or make a list of the URLs.



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          Here is a screenshot of my history when I got that porn related redirect. The 4 that are "Loading" came first and I was not fast enough to back out of the new tab so it popped that up 4 times then I tapped the back button fast 3 times to get out of it. The next 2 times I touch the screen it redirected to "" and then to "bang bros" which I took the screenshot of. All of this trying to click on an anime from the homescreen. Screenshot_20200820-174312_Chrome.jpg


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            Do you know which video mirror it was? If it is not or trollvid it is beyond out control. Sometimes when a video errors on it falls back to loading a mirror.
            Take a screenshot of the episode page before clicking on anything on the page. If it is one of our video sources we'll notify the ad network to take action immediately.


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              Actually it does this on the website trying to click on a selection, sometimes if I just touch a blank area of the screen it causes a redirect or if I am trying to click the anime tab at the top of the screen to get the drop down menu will cause a redirect. Sometimes it does it one time, sometimes four, or sometimes it works right away so it is random. The one place it always happens is on the video screen trying to click fullscreen.

              I took two screenshots just now to show you. When a video plays it is automatically on and this is where i get all these redirects and the ads on the screen have been better in the past week except this fake virus ad that just popped up in the center. The ads in the center were gone all this week til now.


              So I switched the mirror to Vidstreaming just to see what would happen and I got this


              I'm not sure if the anime makes a difference on what mirror is available but trollvid was not in the list while watching Persona 4. I watch using 99% of the time because it is automatically playing the videos and gives me the least trouble. Yesterday I was watching Darwin's Game episode 10 and every time it got to 8:25, the video would jump to the end and go to episode 11. I had to switch to Vidstreaming to finish ep 10 but it put up more ads and causes more redirects with porn related content.


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                I've informed the ad network. They will look into it and take action as necessary.


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                  pop up with fake virus threats and fake mcafee virus detection web scan sorry it didnt give me a webpage it popped up as i was tring to view an episode with the url