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  • Copyright claims

    If this continues this site will practically have no animes left, I was watching One piece and black clover and both have been taken down., And one piece is supposedly one of the best animes. I request you to do something about these claims or there will be nothing left on the website to watch. Each one of the best animes is being taken down, even attack on the titans was removed.
    what will be left if such big-name animes are being removed?

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    I wanted to re watch fruits basket season 1 but it was taken down for copyright claim. Fruits basket isn’t the only one there is also one piece, assassination classroom season one and many others ☹️


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      Simple find some other site as this site going downhill, first copyright claim and now download size is providing in 200+mb before they used to give it around 100mb in good quality. That Good old days in is gone


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        Admin, please resolve the copyright issue and re-add the animes which are taken down.