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*Yawn* Let's be nap buddies- I mean, friends!

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  • *Yawn* Let's be nap buddies- I mean, friends!

    Hi*yawn* everyone, I'm new to Otaku.Cafe. It's nice to meet you. Not super sure what to post but I'll write a little introduction.

    ☆ My name isn't Hirune or Hiru, but I am a girl. I'm also 26 years old
    ☆ I entered weebhood around the same time as puberty (15 - thanks ex-best friend!)
    ☆ I watch subbed and dubbed and take anime haitus from time to time
    ☆ I have a full-time job and a few hobbies such as gaming, reading, writing, and I'm badly learning other languages
    ☆ I'm a big fan of slice of life and school comedy anime, and isekai and twisted magical girl deconstruction light novels
    ☆ I'd love to make internet friends, I'm a lurker but I'll reply (eventually)

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    Hey, I'm new too! Well not technically looking at my account, but I had been dormant since a long time after making my account. Life, one could say. Btw, I like your introduction: it's so full of energy.