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Better autoplay system + isekai search filter.

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  • Better autoplay system + isekai search filter.


    The current autoplay system features a button near the bottom of the page and doesn't exactly "autoplay". What it does is it sends you to the next episode, but doesn't start it, along with that, it doesn't send you in full screen because you're changing site pages, it would be great if the autoplay kept the user in full screen and started the episode automatically for binge watchers and to cut the need for a wireless mouse if watching afar. Along with that, I believe isekai should be a filter option when browsing animes, it's a genre of the protagonist travelling to another world, a few examples are sword art online, overlord, konosuba, demon lord, retry!, log horizon, the devil is a part-timer. As you can see, the list goes on and would be a convenient selection to group animes into as many people are passionate about this sort of anime including myself.

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    I agree with you. It's hard search isekai aime in this site....