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    I would like to see a option to either block out the seeing of dubbed and for the rare few subbed animes. After hearing Naruto say, "believe it" and hearing so many of their voice actors I can't not and will always refuse to watch anything dubbed. Sooooooo having that as a option would be great because the dubs pushing out the subbed updates on the homepage is pretty annoying to me and would like to just not see them.

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    Clicking on the SUB/DUB tab will now save your preference. The next time you visit the home page or an anime page it will show you your preferred choice.


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      That is what I am talking about. But it should be on the home page also. Most if not all the anime I watch is current and when I open the page there is a header under the tabs that says, "This anime is not available in English Dub Yet. You can still continue to enjoy watching it in English Sub!" So having the option to only see dubbed or subbed on the home page or a setting in the account profile would help much more. But I will try to find a old anime to try and click on the sub tab to see if it will still work for me.